British woman fined $118,000 for driving offences

An elderly British woman, living in Italy, has been finally slapped with motoring fines totalling over over $118,000 (76,000 pounds) after being tracked for many days by Italian police investigators.

The 62-year-old woman, who has not been identified, was traced after her Mercedes Benz car was photographed breaking city speed limits and entering traffic restricted areas 1,500 times in a matter of weeks, the Daily Mail reported.

Initially, Italian police in Florence were hampered in their attempts to trace her, as her car carried a British number plate and they were not allowed access to vehicle registration systems in other countries.

The woman, who lives in Florence, the capital city of Tuscan region, was eventually nabbed after police spotted the Mercedes parked in a street in the city and waited for her to return to it.

Just as she arrived, policemen handed over the details of the staggering amount of unpaid fines.

Florence traffic police spokesman Enza Mondillo said: "The woman was finally identified...Her car was photographed 1,500 times breaking speed limits and entering traffic controlled parts of the city.

"Our feeling is that she thought as she had a British number plate there was no chance of her being traced but she was proved very wrong and she has now been served with fines....which she will have to pay."

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