Britney Spears not starring in Hindi film

Contrary to the swirling report that she has signed up for Sadanandan Lucsam's untitled debut Hindi production, a representative for the former Disney star denies she is involved in the project, reported Aceshowbiz. 

Britney Spears
Pic/Santa Banta

The representative told Gossip Cop that there's "no truth whatsoever" to Lucsam's claims, adding that "they may have signed 'a' Britney Spears. But if they did, it's a different Britney Spears and we wish them good luck with their production." The representative released the denial following an article in a leading Indian newspaper which said that Lucsam had tapped Spears for a song-and-dance number in his movie.

The filmmaker was quoted as saying, "Britney's song is an integral part of the film. She sings and dances to the title track of the movie, which is a peppy number and will be shot lavishly."

"It will be a proper Hindi number with some good English lines as well, to make it universal in its appeal," the Kerala-born businessman added. He additionally claimed that payments had been made to one of Spears' agencies. 

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