A 53-year-old Briton, on a business trip to India, killed himself by slashing his throat while his girlfriend in Britain saw the ghastly act live on the internet, a media report said Friday.

Adrian Rowland, the father of three children, worked for an engineering firm in Woodley, Berkshire, and was in India seeking business opportunities, The Sun reported.

His girlfriend Julie Zalinski, who works for the same firm, was talking to him on a video chat, when Rowland suddenly produced a knife and killed himself as she watched.

Julie dialled British emergency number 999, and local policemen contacted Indian authorities via the Foreign Office.

The report, however, did not mention where the man was staying in India.

The couple reportedly were having difficulties over their relationship.

"I heard they were having a discussion about their future together. He killed himself in front of her as she watched over the camera. It must have been the most horrendous thing imaginable. She could see he had cut his throat but could not do anything to stop him," a friend said.

It is expected his body will be flown back to Britain and an inquest held in Berkshire.