Briton who fantasised about killing Prince Charles found guilty of terrorism

Sep 23, 2015, 00:45 IST | PTI

London: A 37-year-old ginger-haired extremist who fantasised about poisoning "non-Aryans" and "putting a bullet in Prince Charles' head" was today found guilty of planning acts of terrorism by a British jury.

Mark Colborne was convicted by Old Bailey court in London of plotting a mass cyanide attack on "non-Aryans" from his bedroom, and will be sentenced on November 3.

His trial heard how the loner blamed his behaviour on years of bullying over his ginger hair colour.

In a notebook, Colborne wrote: "I don't want to be a serial killer... I was waiting for an opportunity to kill one of them. Let it be Prince Charles which would be good.

"Take down a silent rifle, take up a good stalker potion and put a bullet in Prince Charles's head. He is protected but not too protected. I would sacrifice my life for that one shot kill."

Colborne went on to say that by killing Prince Charles, William and Harry would be king, and added: "Kill the tyrants."

"If I had the right weapon, like a military grade sniper rifle, I would take out Prince Charles for the sake of the Aryan people," he wrote.

Colborne was arrested in June 2014 after his half-brother uncovered chemicals and papers detailing his racial hatred stashed in his bedroom.

He was found him guilty of possessing handwritten notes and books related to making recipes for lethal poisons such as cyanide.

"This is a very strange case involving, if I may say it, a very strange person," said Judge John Bevan, who will decide whether to send Colborne to a secure mental hospital or to prison.

Colborne bought the ingredients over the internet, and stockpiled dust masks, metal filter funnels, plastic syringes and latex gloves at his home in Southampton, jurors were told.

Giving evidence Colborne admitted buying ingredients for cyanide but said his diary of planned attacks were nothing more than "angry rants" made when he was off medication for depression.

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