Brooke Mueller ready to go to rehab

Dec 12, 2011, 09:44 IST | IANS

Brooke Mueller has admitted that she has a major substance abuse problems and has agreed to re-enter rehab after her cocaine arrest last week.

Brooke Mueller

"She was reluctant at firstĀ -- but friends eventually persuaded her she needed help... and another stint in rehab was the only option," sources close to Mueller told

The website reports that Brooke's team is finalising the arrangements at an undisclosed treatment facility somewhere close to her LA home and and that she'll be packing her bags soon.

According to sources, her ex-husband Charlie Sheen will take care of the kids while Brooke is away with some help from her parents.

But it's not a done deal yet while they're hopeful Brooke will make good on her word sources are still fearful she'll back out last minute.

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