Brussels attacks: Jet Airways crew member Nidhi Chaphekar speaks to her children after 24 days

Nidhi Chaphekar, the Jet Airways crew member who was critically injured in the Brussels Airport blast, had been put off the ventilator on Friday and she could finally speak to her children, who are in Mumbai, over the phone after 24 days.

Nidhi Chaphekar (right) after the attack
Nidhi Chaphekar (right) after the attack

Chaphekar had been admitted in the hospital in the ICU and was placed in 'medically induced state'. Though the doctors had declared Chaphekar to be out of danger, she had sustained over 15 per cent burns and was left with a fractured foot.

"Though both the crew members are recuperating in Brussels, nothing can be told of them being discharged. Call will be taken as per doctors' advice," said an airline official.

Jet Airways did not comment on their crew member's health update.

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