Brutal! Ruthless Mumbai cops throw and kick veggies of illegal hawkers

Police override BMC, decide to teach illegal hawkers in Ghatkopar a lesson

In the 62-second video clip, cops are seen throwing vegetables from the baskets of hawkers on Hingwala Lane in Ghatkopar East
In the 62-second video clip, cops are seen throwing vegetables from the baskets of hawkers on Hingwala Lane in Ghatkopar East

The brutality of the Mumbai police reared its ugly head after a shocking new viral video showed cops mercilessly throw and kick veggies of illegal hawkers on Hingwala Lane in Ghatkopar East.

In the 62-second video, which was allegedly shot on July 10, police officers are seen strolling along the lane, before attacking illegal hawkers and dumping all their vegetables on the street. No hawkers are seen in the video, as they are likely to have escaped from the spot.

The police, however, justified the action claiming that the hawkers weren't paying heed to repeated warnings. "Hundreds of hawkers occupy this lane making it difficult for pedestrians and motorists to use the stretch in the evening. We received many complaints and also forwarded them to the BMC, but the situation didn't change," said a cop from Pant Nagar police station, on condition of anonymity.

"Often, residents blame the police for not taking any action against these hawkers and claim we are sheltering them," the officer added, while justifying the tough measure.

DCP (Zone 7) Sachin Patil was unavailable for comment.



  • sanj13-Jul-2017

    Dear Editor, Whats so merciless that you are reporting? You need to report as it is and let people decide whether it is merciless or not. Dont put your personal views as mass views. Only report

  • James13-Jul-2017

    The Police are doing the right thing by chasing away these Hawkers. The Hawkers have become a menace to society and their dadagiri is very bad. Why no Hawkers are allowed outside Government buildings but they are allowed to wantonly usurp and hijack public places and cause inconvenience to public? Why no articles / investigations from your newspaper about the bribes paid by such Hawkers and the dadagiri

  • Julia Fernandes13-Jul-2017

    Instead of writing about cops, why dont you put this way that cops had done the right thing by removing illegal hawkers when they are being told repeatedly to vacate from that locaton. Hawkers keep on coming inspite of removing them. What cops has done is the right thing, instead of media making issue of this.

  • ashu13-Jul-2017

    What the cops did was right these illegal hawkers are a menace to society. They should take action against all illegal hawkers. Kudos to Mumbai Police

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