Cold, heartless cash. These are terms often used while talking about money. Though currency notes may be illustrated with images of great personalities, yet the financially well-endowed are titled as 'filthy rich'.

So, while everyone loves to hate money (verbally), there is a certain breed of people -- the numismatists -- who love money and are not ashamed to admit it. These collectors of coins and currency notes love moolah but dig it for the stories hidden behind the ancient brass or copper piece of metal or the rare currency note.

It also helps that such antique items fetch a much higher re-sell value than the original value of the coin / note. The 9th Annual Coin Fair, organised by the Mumbai Coin Society, is on this weekend and we suggest you check it out.

This exhibition-cum-trade event is one of the biggest coin fairs of India. There will be 85 dealer stalls from all over India and reputed collectors, numismatists and dealers will participate in the fair. The Todywalla Auction is on September 23 and September 24 while Oswal Antiques will showcase their wares on September 24. Entry is free.

From: September 23 to 25
At: World Trade Center, Cuffe Parade.