The Shiv Sena wants to take some city developers head on. The ruling party in the BMC on Tuesday made a statement against those builders and developers who rename certain areas or roads in order to sell their properties. This is seen as veiled jibe at BJP MLA and builder Mangal Prabhat Lodha, who has followed this practice. Calling such renaming illegal, misleading and insulting, Sena asked the BMC to fine these builders and stop their projects

Mid Day had reported in the past how city builders and developers rename roads and areas to attract buyers. They take advantage of proximity to famous areas like Juhu and rename a neighboring area based on it. Thus, a supposedly middle-class area is advertised as Upper Juhu or Upper Worli in order to give it a plush ring. Same can be said about roads.

After some Sena legislators, Sena corporator and Leader of the House Trushna Vishwasrao gave a statement in the general assembly on Tuesday. According to the statement, “Such renaming is illegal. Developers have no right to change the names of areas and if they are doing so, they are misleading the citizens. Also, giving them the tags of heritage areas is an insult to them.” Some have called this a veiled threat against BJP since BJP MLA MP Lodha has also used this practice for his real estate projects.

Vishwasrao has also alleged that this will create a rift within the rich and the poor. “The concerned should fine such developers and stop their projects,” the statement says. But MNS corporator Dilip Lande said there is nothing new in this since developers have done this even in the past.

Asked about the hint towards Lodha, BJP corporator Manoj Kotak said, “It is not only Lodha who does this. It’s a common practice. Nobody is changing the postal address on paper, right? Then let them advertise.” Kotak said that the time of the House should be put to better use instead of wasting it on such trivial issues.