Karima el-Mahroug, the 19-year-old Moroccan dancer who is at the centre of Silvio Berlusconi's trial for sex with an underage prostitute, gave birth to a baby girl

A teenage belly dancer said to have been paid for sex by sleazy former Italian prime Silvio Berlusconi has given birth to a baby girl.

Karima el-Mahroug, also known as Ruby the Heartbreaker, was just 17 years old when she was invited to Berlusconi's infamous bunga bunga parties where women were paid to strip and dance seductively for him.

New mom: Karima, the teenage dancer gave birth to a 3.5 kg baby girl
who she named Sofia Aida. file Pic/ Getty Images

Prosecutors allege that she was also paid to spend the night with him and as a result he is currently on trial for having sex with an underage prostitute as she was a minor at the time.

Moroccan born Karima, now 19, gave birth to a 3.5 kg baby girl, five days early at a private hospital in Genoa -- her due date was Christmas Day.

The baby's father, nightclub boss Luca Risso said the baby would be named Sofia Aida and added, "She is well and with her mother. My happiness is indescribable. At the moment it's a bit difficult to say who she looks like -- I hope she looks like her mother as she is so beautiful. Maybe she will get her brains from me."

Sofia's the name
He added, "Ruby is so happy. The birth was over very quickly, it lasted just five minutes and went well. My parents and I have always liked the name Sofia while Ruby has always liked Aida � when she is older the baby will decide which name to use."

Billionaire Berlusconi denies that he had sex with her and that he abused his power as premier to try to cover up the case as he is said to have used his position to negotiate her release when she was arrested for theft by police in May 2010.

Karima also insists that nothing happened between her and Berlusconi but has revealed he gave her money, jewellery and a car for attending the parties he hosted in his villa.

If found guilty, Berlusconi faces a total of 15 years in prison -- three for paying for underage sex and 12 for abuse of power and in his three ongoing trials and previous cases, he has always denied wrongdoing, claiming he is the victim of left-wing prosecutors and judges who are persecuting him for political reasons.