'Bunga Bunga is just dancing'

Oct 26, 2011, 00:46 IST | Agencies
Controversial Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi yesterday insisted he was a religious man and that his infamous bunga bunga parties were a figment of "porn obsessed judges".

Berlusconi (75), also said that bunga bunga was "nothing more than a dance" and added that "he had never taken part" in parties held at his house where prosecutors say dozens of women were recruited and were paid for sex.

Devout: Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi claims he is a religious man who
never took part in parties at his villa and that the allegations are nothing
but porn obsessed prosecutors who are out to get him. pic/afp

The politician is accused of having sex with an underage prostitute at one of the parties where women were also said to have dressed as nuns, before performing raunchy stripteases and pole dancesĀ -- allegedly rubbing crucifixes between their breasts.

However, media tycoon Berlusconi insisted the parties at his home in Arcore near Milan were nothing more than elegant dinners and he was a victim of left leaning prosecutors who were out to get him and oust him from power.

He said, "There was no sacrilegious behaviour at my house. This has all been invented by porn-obsessed prosecutors. It's all the work of the fevered imagination of prosecutors and journalists."

He added, "My religious life is not just a church in my home at Arcore where my family has celebrated baptisms, marriages and funerals and the prayers of eight aunts who are nuns. My roots are strengthened by my Christian values that have been with me since I grew up with my family and attended a school run by Salesians and which I have passed on to my children."

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