The complainant has alleged that the duo broke into his property, stole valuables and also changed the locks

Two businessmen brothers allegedly entered a man's house, stole valuable items and changed the locks of the door in Greater Kailash area of south Delhi on Sunday. A complaint of robbery and trespass has been registered at the local police station. 

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Partners in crime
According to a senior police officer, the duo was identified as Neeraj Grover and Rakesh Grover. "We had received a complaint in this regard from Rakesh Kumar, who is the caretaker of the house, while the owner of the property expired in the month of July this year," the official said. Rakesh Kumar stated in his complaint that he was informed by Sunny, a local property dealer, about the incident. 

Sunny was sent by Rakesh along with the keys of the property, but when he tried to open the lock, he found the keys did not match with the locks. Sunny heard some voices from the inside in spite of the house being locked from the outside. 

Faithful informer
"Sunny immediately informed Rakesh about the matter, after which Rakesh rushed to the said property and made a PCR call," a senior police official said. After he made the PCR call, Rakesh came to know that Neeraj Grover, along with his brother Rakesh Grover, had trespassed into the property by breaking open the locks. "The complainant has alleged that they have stolen valuables from the house. We are looking into the allegations," the senior police official added.