Butt and Asif can stay together in prison

Pakistan trio Salman Butt, Mohammad Asif, Mohammad Amir and their agent Mazhar Majeed have not been allowed to keep the cell phones with them in the UK prison.

Mohammad Asif

"The prisoners had to surrender their cell phones here," the lady at the Wandsworth prison in London said. "The convicted prisoners are not allowed to receive calls, but there is a paid facility for them to call family members (or friends). They have been guided well about the dos and don'ts," the lady said.  

Butt, Asif and Majeed are in Wandsworth prison while Amir has been kept at the young offenders' detention centre. "The convicted trio are in D wing. We have two prisoners in each room and if the players wish, they (Butt and Asif) can stay together with the permission of Governor Dave Taylor," the lady added.

Prisoners in this jail are not compelled to do any work, instead they can avail facilities like watching news on television and reading newspapers. "There's a big library too. They can read books if they want to," she further added.



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