Salman Butt's long vigil in the witness box that stretched over three days was completed on the 11th day of the alleged spot fixing trial in London yesterday. The former Pakistan skipper was told by the prosecution he had "been caught", ESPNCricinfo reported.

There were 20 calls or texts between Butt and agent Mazhar Majeed, 25 between Amir and Majeed and four between Butt, Asif and Amir. Some of these calls or text messages were made in the early hours.

The prosecutor then reminded the jury of the text message that Majeed sent to the undercover News of the World reporter just before the third pre-planned no-ball was delivered.

Because Amir was bowling beautifully and eventually reduced England to 47 for 5 in that first innings, Majeed texted to warn the journalist that the captain might tell Amir not to bowl that no-ball now because of the form he was in.