A forensic team from KEM Hospital and Byculla police recreated the scene of Manavi Ingle's fall with the help of three dummies. File PIC

After a month-long probe led to a dead end, Byculla Police have now moved the court seeking permission to conduct two crucial medical tests on the suspects in the mysterious death of 5-year-old Manavi Ingle.

On December 19 last year, the only child of Ashok and Arati Ingle fell to her death from the 15th floor of Vighnaharta Society in Kalachowkie. The building’s security guard had found Manavi in a pool of blood and rushed her to KEM Hospital, but she was declared dead on arrival.

mid-day’s report on December 20

Following allegations by the Ingles, cops had zeroed in on two women living on the same floor as the family, in the building. A senior official said, “We have sought permission from the court to conduct brain mapping and NARCO tests on the two suspects — Sindhu Raut and Rekha Sutar. While these tests cannot be used as evidence, we are hopeful of some lead in the case.”

Five-year-old Manavi Ingle
Five-year-old Manavi Ingle

According to forensic reports, there were bruises on Manavi’s body and they suspected someone pushed the child off the 15th floor. Post-mortem reports, however, ruled out sexual assault. Manavi’s father had mentioned neighbours Raut and Sutar as suspect in this case. In the FIR against the two, Byculla cops had mentioned that both women had a history of mental sickness, and they also had an altercation with the Ingles before the incident. Apparently, in a fit of rage, Raut had burned Manavi’s uniform, 15 days before of the incident, which resulted in a quarrel between the families. Sutar mental instability was attributed to her son’s sudden death, Byculla cops had said. But, despite grilling them for hours, cops could not manage a breakthrough.

Forensic officials investigate the 15th floor of the building. File PICForensic officials investigate the 15th floor of the building. File Pic

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“We have investigated the case from all possible angles. We checked the CCTV footage of the day, from early morning till 12.23 pm, but we have not found any concrete proof. We also verified Call Data Record and tower locations of several people. Now, we are gearing up for the brain mapping and NARCO analysis,” said a senior investigating officer.