CAB to use 'Pink-Ball' in League final to bid for Day/Night Test

Kolkata: In order to be first among equals, the Cricket Association of Bengal are all set to experiment with 'Pink ball' day/night final match under the Eden Gardens floodlights in the first division Inter-Club championship.

The news was confirmed by CAB joint secretary Avishek Dalmiya and the final will be held sometyime in June. It is the idea of CAB president and former India captain Sourav Ganguly, who wants to check out how pink ball day/night game shapes up before he can present his association's case for the day-night Test match that BCCI is planning against New Zealand.

"As a preparatory measure, the CAB is contemplating to trial a 'Pink Kookaburra ball in day-night conditions in its local competition, preferably the Final of the CAB League Tournament," CAB joint-secretary Dalmiya told PTI.

"Sooner or later, Eden Gardens would obviously be a venue to play D-N Test match. The purpose of doing this exercise is to ensure it acts like a dress rehearsal before day and night test matches are played here.

"Prior to hosting such Day and Night Test Matches, we would ideally want to take the feedback from the players during and after such game at local level and address the concerns, if any," he added.

Normally the CAB league cricket is a two-day affair with each team batting one innings but Ganguly in his bid to improve the performance of Ranji team has suggested a separate eight-team 'Super League' which will be a longer affair testing the temperament of players. The final will be a four-day affair under floodlights and pink kookaburra will be used.

Once the final is played, CAB intends to take feedback from both the players who will play and ex-cricketers. "It would also be interesting to see how the balance between the bat and the ball is maintained so that there is a proper contest. We even want to see how the pink ball fares under the lights," said Dalmiya.

"After all, Eden Gardens is a historic venue, and we need to be fully prepared to take the leap forward and be ready to host such Tests before commencement of the next season," he concluded.

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