The newest entrant to Navi Mumbai's restaurant scene, Tattva Cafe is a quaint eatery that impresses with its ambience and food. Don't go by the name, savour on more than just coffees and desserts

In the recent past, we have witnessed a mushrooming of a good number of restaurants in Navi Mumbai. Delicious food, polite staff and courteous attendants who pay attention to customers (in stark contrast to some of their counterparts in the island city) make for the perfect formula that is stirring the pot rather nicely.
The newest addition to this list of Navi Mumbai restaurants is Tattva Cafe.

Exotic Vegetables in Brown Sauce

Located at Sanpada, near the famous Moraj Residency, this cafe is easy to locate, especially with its bright signage.

We entered the cafe and were pleased with what we saw comfortable cane chair seating, topped with green cushions, al fresco dining section, nice photographs on the walls and pleasant music playing at a tolerable volume.
The place has a first floor seating as well, adding up a combined seating of nearly 60 not bad for a cafe, we thought. The menu boasted of a range rarely seen in a cafe. They offered options in sandwiches, pastas, pizzas, soups, salads, starters, main course and desserts.

When we were unable to find coffees listed on the menu and brought it to the attention of our attendant, he politely directed us to a standee card on our table that sported the day's specials along with several brew options.

Hash Brown

We began with Hash Brown starters (Rs 90) and Golden Fried Prawns (Rs 175). The golden-brown coloured dish arrived in four pieces and started off proceedings on the right note.

When we enquired about its flavours, the owner stepped up to tell us about the dish grated potatoes seasoned with herbs, rolled in to pattice and deep-fried. Yum.

The tiger prawns came served on a stick, and were coated with a wafer-thin batter. Brown and crunchy, it kept us in good spirits. The batter however, tasted a tad raw and doughy.

Next, we ordered a Napolitana (Rs 165) in pasta, an Exotic Vegetables in Brown Sauce (Rs 250) and Chicken Stroganoff (Rs 200) for our mains. The red sauce pasta arrived with fresh tomatoes, basil and vegetables and tasted quite nice.
The exotic vegetable dish had broccoli, bell peppers, mushroom and zucchini and served with rice and mashed potatoes, it tasted great.

The Chicken Stroganoff impressed too. The sister version of the popular Beef Stroganoff was a creamy dish served with steamed rice. Made from strips of soft chicken, with vegetables cut the same way, it had a slightly cheesy aftertaste.

We concluded a successful gastronomic adventure with Chocolate Mousse (Rs 60), which was sinfully delicious the perfect ending to a pleasant evening.

At Tattva Cafe, Shop No 25, Moraj Residency, Plot No 1, Sector 16, Sanpada (E).
CALL 27814959 / 27810659
Tattva Cafe didn't know we were there. The Guide reviews anonymously and pays for meals.