Caller who warned of nuclear attack turns out to be bored Latur farm boy

Jul 31, 2014, 07:02 IST | Saurabh Vaktania

The Mumbai police encountered yet another case of the little boy who cried wolf. The Anti Terrorism Squad (ATS) and Crime Branch officials were on their toes since Thursday after a call to a Goregaon-based office, in which the caller said he was calling from Pakistan to tell them that terrorist Dawood Ibrahim had a nuclear bomb trained on Mumbai.

However, when the cops tracked down the caller, they realised it was a 19-year-old farm boy from Latur, who simply wanted to have some fun through a prank call. The teenager, identified as Anil Khilare, was arrested. The cops said he is a below-average student, who comes from a poor family.

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Senior inspector Motiram Kadam of Vanrai police station said, “After we called on the mobile number from which the call was made, Khilare's father, a poor farmer in Latur, answered. In fact, the father himself brought him to the police station here, after which the boy was arrested. Khilare had made the call as a joke, not realising that he could get arrested for such a thing.”

The officials said Khilare, who helps his father in farming, “does not know much about the world”. Khilare told cops that he saw the police’s number advertised on TV and made the call just for kicks. In fact, he had even forgotten he had made any such call.

The call was made last Thursday to a company situated on the Nesco compound on the Goregaon highway. The caller said his name was Sujeet Singh and he was calling from London. But he then said he was calling from Pakistan and knew Dawood Ibrahim.

He said Dawood had got access to atom bombs and would drop one any time on Mumbai and other parts of India, and then disconnected the call. The company immediately called up the cops, and the ATS, Crime Branch and other police units swung into action.

A case was registered with Vanrai police on Goregaon highway. His parents, particularly his father, are in deep shock. They could not believe that a call would put their son in jail. They told cops that Khilare was a simple boy who had never stepped out of his village in Latur.

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