If capturing the wild in all its untamed splendour is what drives your lens, we suggest you rush your entries for the Sanctuary Wildlife Photography Awards; after all, today is the last date for submissions

It's that time of the year when wildlife photograph enthusiasts look forward to rekindling their love affair with frames from the wild. Scour through your albums and send in your best work to win the Sanctuary Wildlife Photography Award. The last date for submission of entries is today.

Baiju Patil's first-prize winning entry from last year's Sanctuary Wildlife
Photography Awards

Entries can be transparencies, prints (8" x 10") or digital files in raw format. For prints, negatives might need to be submitted at a later stage. Digital photographs should be submitted on CD or DVD and clearly labelled with the photographer's name, postal and email address and telephone number.

R Prakash Sivlingam's entry bagged third place at last year's contest

Images should be colour corrected before sending them in. Also, these need to be submitted as Windows PC compatible JPEG at highest compression quality (setting 12 in Adobe Photoshop) files. Only images from India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Bangladesh will be eligible.

Finally, all photographs must be in colour, accompanied by detailed captions indicating location, season and brief description of the subject. Please note that failure to provide these could make the entry ineligible for selection.

Email: sanctuaryphotocontest@gmail.com
Log on to: www.sanctuaryasia.com/docs/Award%20Form-1.pdf