Toronto: The Nature Conservancy of Canada is serious about moose sex. And it’s offering tax breaks if you choose to help. Launched in 2013, the Moose Sex Project aims to create a permanent wildlife corridor along the 17-kilometre-wide Chignecto Isthmus, the narrow piece of land connecting Nova Scotia and New Brunswick—as well as encourage a little interprovincial mating.

Nova Scotia’s moose population has fallen to around 1,000. However, the New Brunswick moose population sits at a healthy 29,000.

NCC spokesperson Andrew Holland said, “It’d be nice if some New Brunswick moose go over and make friends in Nova Scotia to boost the gene pool and help the species survive there.”

The non-profit has so far secured 13 donated and purchased properties totalling more than 2,060 acres along the Chignecto Isthmus, which includes swamps, lakes, marshes and bogs.

It is now looking to secure an additional 1,730 acres to complete the corridor.

Land donations are eligible for tax breaks under Canada’s Ecological Gifts Program, which was set up to help promote biodiversity and environmental conservation.