They are not only being consulted for the “shubh mahurat” to kick-start their campaigns, their suggestions are also being sought about auspicious dates and time to file their nominations before the Chief Executive Officer CS Naik.

Yesterday, members of Vijay Patil’s Cricket First panel were the first to file their nominations. As per their astrologer’s directive, the members were advised to fill their forms between 12:40 pm and 1 pm. The ruling Bal Mahadalkkar panel has also consulted an astrologer. They have been asked to file their nominations on the last day, October 11, around 10.40 in the morning.

A source said that some astrologers have gone to the extent of indicating which colour ink their clients should use to fill up the forms. It is learnt that even the date of the election – October 18 – was decided after consulting a few astrologers.

Ultimately, though, the fate of these candidates will be decided by the 350 voters of the MCA. Nevertheless, it would be interesting to see which astrologer lays claims to the bragging rights!