Capture and freeze

City photojournalist Hema Narayanan conducts a two-day workshop for the not-so camera savvy photography lovers to rekindle their passion

If you've never been able to explore the wilderness with your camera or attend a photography course to discover your skills in playing with light and shadow because of time crunch, here's a discourse that will suit your hectic schedule.

City photojournalist Hema Narayanan is conducting a workshop to impart knowledge on photography, cameras and techniques to budding  photographers.

"First I want my students to unlearn what they know about photography and then learn the art under my guidance," says Hema, who learnt a great deal of photography by herself travelling all over the world, while working in  the  IT industry for a decade.
Hema decided to quit the IT industry two years ago to delve into the world of photography. She studied analogue fundamentals from Bangalore School of Photography and then pursued digital photography.
"As I was trained in analogue photography, I have adapted a disciplined style of photography. I shifted to digital photography because analogue cameras are more expensive," says Hema.

In the workshop, Nuts & Bolt, Hema will teach the basics of photography and the technical elements to create good pictures including the functions of aperture, wide balance, focal length and shutter speed. "We will start the session with module of light, explaining the type and texture of light and the best times to shoot a photo and eventually we will go out to shoot pictures," says Hema.

At the end of the workshop, the participants can post pictures in a data center, student portfolio album for a review of their work. Hema holds this workshop every month with a bunch of 10 to 12 students and often sees her students return for her next sessions.
The participants can walk in with their digital semi-professional cameras if they don't have a DSLR . Hema has arrangements for rental cameras and lenses for those who don't have an SLR camera.

At Aspasia 423, 8th Main Koramangala
ON November 22, 23
9 am onwards
CALL 9845289719
FOR Rs 4500

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