RJ and anchor Siddharth Kannan visited Egypt last month to host a function in Cairo and he was blown over by the place. He tells CS, "I had grown up reading about Pharoahs, Queen Cleopatra, the Pyramids and knew the rich history of Egypt by heart, so when I got a chance to visit the country, I grabbed the opportunity." He shares his travel album with us:

History revisited
I visited the Mohammed Ali Mosque at Citadel, which towers over the city. When I was gazing out of the minarets, I could see the whole city lit up by green neon lights! A dream came true when I hosted the event right next to the historical Giza pyramids. I also went for a cruise on the longest river in the world -- the Nile. It is a wonderful experience to sit on a shaded deck of a floating hotel, sipping thick Egyptian soup made out of Molokhiyya which is a leafy, green, summer vegetable and watching 5,000 years of culture passing you by!

High on Sinai
In the deserts of Sinai, I could climb the mount where God had a word with Moses, and spend my remaining days in halcyon bliss at coastal Dahab backpacker Shangri-La. For all those planning to visit Egypt, the Cairo museum is a must-see. I would also definitely recommend a trip to Dahab, a small seaside town on the Red Sea in the Sinai.