Cat killer on the prowl in DN Nagar

Nov 23, 2011, 07:13 IST | Shiva Devnath

Locals have seen an unidentified feline killer capturing, torturing and butchering the animals for their meat or as sacrifice for occult rituals; accomplice has been let off to lead cops to the culprit

A mysterious cat killer has been keeping officials at DN Nagar police station on their toes lately. A special squad of cops is now on the prowl, patrolling the streets to protect the local felines. The matter came to light after an animal rights activist filed a complaint against a local on Monday.

Cat's out of the bag: The cops started investigating the matter when
Aban Mistry, a bank worker and animal rights activist lodged a complaint
with the DN Nagar police, claiming that Kapaswadi locals had seen two
men killing a cat

In her complaint, Aban Mistry, a bank worker and animal rights activist, claims that about a week back, she received a phone call from a Kapaswadi local, claiming that he had seen a local resident named Swami and an accomplice catch a cat and stuff it inside a gunny bag. "The men had then taken the cat to a nearby drain, and tried to drown it. When he failed to drown it, he smashed its head with a stone. They chopped its head off and took the body to Swami's house. I have filed a written complaint with the DN Nagar police," said Mistry, who has been working to protect stray animals in the area.

"We do not know what the duo did with the animal, though we strongly suspect that they sacrificed it for an occult ritual or consumed its meat," said Mistry.

Animal activists in the locality confirmed that the practice of killing cats for their meat is a widespread phenomenon in areas like Kalina and Versova.

"This is not the first time I have received a complaint about cat killers. The locals have been telling me that they have often seen people roaming the streets with gunny bags to catch cats," added Mistry.

Police officers detained Swami following the complaint, but the man denied the allegations and instead claimed that a man from Nehru Nagar has been killing cats in the locality.  "The eyewitnesses confirmed that Swami was accompanied by another man, who may have killed the cat. We let Swami go on condition that he would help us nab the cat killer," said Sadashiv Sawant, assistant police inspector from DN Nagar police station, who is investigating the case. "While we are keeping a close watch on Swami, we have also asked the witnesses to be on the look out and alert us if they see the man again," added Sawant.

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