Shiv Sena today took a dig at a prominent minister of the ruling alliance partner BJP in Maharashtra, saying 'the cat (BJP minister) will have to be shown his proper place'.

Posters put up in housing minister Prakash Mehta's Ghatkopar Assembly constituency here showed a tiger (Sena) ready to pounce on the cat (Mehta), with the caption: 'The cat thinks it is a lion. The artificial mask of this lion will have to be taken off.'

Apparently, the poster is in response to Mehta's recent comment about there being "more lions (BJP) than tigers (Sena's symbol)" in Mumbai. Mehta's comments came as the two parties are preparing for next year's civic elections.

Further, a photo splashed on the front page of Shiv Sena mouthpiece Saamana today shows a white tiger attacking a lion. The image, published on the day the Modi government completed two years at the Centre, had an interesting caption which says: "This photo from Africa shows a tiger killing a lion trying to trespass into his territory. Territory always belongs to the tiger. Nobody should dare to cross it, even if it's a lion. The Tiger will kill him. It's the tiger's game and the tiger's rule."

Though the picture doesn't make any explicit reference, it assumes significance against the backdrop of comments made by Mehta about the end of the rule of 'tiger' in Mumbai.