Caught on camera: 21-year-old dies after falling from packed rush hour local train

In yet another incident demonstrating how unkind rush hour locals can be, a 21-year-old youth died after falling from a CST-bound train between Kopar and Diva Junction. The youth, Bhavesh Nakate had boarded a packed 8.59 am local from Dombivli.

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Since he was unable to get inside the compartment, he was hanging outside the train. Nakate lost his balance after the train left from Kopar station and fell on the tracks. One of the commuters has recorded a video showing Nakate gradually slipping away and falling on the tracks.

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Police officials from Dombivli Railway Police took him to the Shastri Nagar hospital in Dombivli (West), where he was declared dead on arrival. Nakate was a resident of Sunil Nagar in Dombivli (East) and was working with a logistics company.

  • Mrunali02-Dec-2015

    Yes Medha you are correct. he suppose to hold Bhavesh Hand instead of taking this bloody Video. He should be punished for the Video.

  • Keyur Shah28-Nov-2015

    Only if the fellow taking the vdo had held the boy's hand... a life could have been saved !Lets not become slave of technology !

  • Prateek30-Nov-2015

    The person taking the video should be punished.. he could have easily held the hand of that guy instead of taking the god damn video..

  • medha30-Nov-2015

    yes, first the people taking such vids should be hanged. how can a person think of taking out his cell and record someone dying.. is this kind of a joke.. police should first trace that fellow who recorded this...could not he have saved along with others' help to hold on to that guy till Diva

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