Celebrating form on canvas

Artist Ajay Chaudhary displays his paintings on the ballerina and horses in his first exhibition in the city titled Celebrating form

NID alumnus Ajay Chaudhary celebrates the beauty of form in his exhibition, Celebrating Form. The exhibition on at the Art2Day Gallery is his first exhibition in the city.

The exhibition features a series of paintings on ballerinas and horses. After many years of effort and perseverance, Chaudhary has emerged with a range of his favourite styles. He likes experimenting with spirals in form and texture, which comes across in his work. His understanding of anatomy drew him closer to studying and appreciating forms.

 "The exhibition is mainly about the dance form ballet and horses and hence the name 'Celebrating form," explains Chaudhary. "The colours I have focused on are pinks, yellows, reds and the medium I have used in my paintings involve oil and pastel," he adds. He usually takes two to three days to create a painting.

Till September 24
At Art2Day gallery 1, Phayre Road, SM Joshi Hindi School Campus, Next to Jagtap Nursery, Camp.

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