Celebrities should help Uttarakhand

Even as flood-ravaged Uttarakhand is still reeling from the disaster, relief efforts have started across the country. Politicians, NGOs and concerned individuals have jumped on to the ‘Help Uttarakhand’ effort. While MPs and MLAs are being asked to contribute one month’s salary and other politically appropriate voices and gestures are being made, social media sites are being used as a useful arm towards connecting people who may want to contribute but don’t know how to go about it.

One aspect, which speaks volumes through its silence, is the fact that nation’s biggest icons — actors and cricketers — have not spoken up yet. If they have, it is certainly not loud enough. With the status and following they enjoy, these celebrities, who ensure eyeballs and ears, can lead the relief effort. They can do so by speaking up about the disaster, putting some money into rescue efforts and urging others to do so. They can use blogs, Twitter, Facebook to communicate and galvanise people to follow suit.

Though they may be mired in scandals, make news for all the wrong reasons from time to time, but these celebrities have the ability to sway and influence people. They need to make a concerted effort and join hands with local authorities to help raise money for those affected. Even a match or an event specifically for Uttarakhand relief would be a good gesture. It would have made a strong statement at the rain-hit Champions Trophy final yesterday, had the Indian team sported black armbands for Uttarakhand.

Not all is lost. Come together, nation’s most famous names and faces. This is the time to give back to society, and come to the aid of those people, who have played their part in making you what you are.  

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