Train services on Central Railway, on Friday again took a hit between Diva and Kalwa in the morning hours. This time the problem was with the level crossing gate at Kalwa which could not be shut for trains to move.

The level crossing is normally open for two minutes whereby motorists go from east to west crossing the rail lines. During this period all train services come to a halt.

However on July 1, the gate was not getting closed thus forcing the trains to come to a stand still. Sources said that this has happened twice - once from 9.56 am to 10.10 am and second time between 10.22 am and 10.45 am - thus severely affecting train services on the slow lines. Only recently locals at Diva had come down on tracks to protest against the technical failures.

The trains were running late by 15 minutes on an average on CR which was also partially affected by rains. The Western Railway too was running late by 10 minutes.