Theatre group Yatri's 33rd anniversary celebrations showcases a mixed bag of some of its plays from yesteryear as well as a few successful plays from recent memory

"I find that people like to pretend to be someone else". Hum mein se kaafi log abhi tak ghulami mein atke hue hai (Many of us are still stuck with the British rule)," says Om Katare veteran theatre artist and founder of theatre group, Yatri.

Formed in 1979, Katare's main aim was to promote Hindi Theatre. "People can continue acting in films but they shouldn't forget theatre. Many people enter theatre almost everyday but there are more who leave theatre. I want people to take theatre seriously," says Katare.

Katare will bring back their play Dilli Uncha Sunti Hai, which is about corrupt government officials. Katare felt it was the right time to bring back the play because of the ongoing nationwide corruption protest initiated by Anna Hazare. The play is about a common man who gets his pension after his death.

Katare has introduced additions to the play and has changed the set. Along with other recent plays such as Chinta Chhod Chintamani, Gaj Foot Inch and Raavaleela is Hadh Kar-di Aapne that is celebrating its 500th show.
"We wanted to do plays that can be watched by the family, together including kids. That's why we are also performing Chandu Ki Chachi, which is a children's play," says Katare.

Apart from full-length plays, theatre lovers can also look forward to Nukkad Natak or 30-minute performances between the daily celebrations.
These performances will be a mix of poetry recitations (by poet Bharat Tiwari), dance and music fusion; Triveni and short plays that discuss issues ranging from corruption and farmer

FROM January 24 to 29
AT Prithvi Theatre, Juhu.
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