Chain snatcher caught on debut

Jan 21, 2012, 06:57 IST | Vinay Dalvi

Police say former call centre employee Mohit Qureshi took to crime to support his family after arrest of his brother, a notorious chain snatcher, last year

In what could make a perfect Bollywood script, the sleuths of Mahim police on Wednesday arrested a 21-year-old former call centre employee on his very first attempt at chain snatching.

Officials from the Mahim police station with Mohit and Manish,
whom they arrested on Wednesday for chain snatching

According to the police, Mohit Salem Qureshi (21), a resident of Keshavwadi in Mahim, entered the world of crime to support his family and make quick money after his brother a history-sheeter who has over 40 cases of chain snatching registered against him was arrested last year.

The cops stated that while they were on their patrolling duty in Wangewadi on Wednesday, they found two people moving about suspiciously in the area.

When they intercepted their motorcycle and started questioning them, the duo panicked and started giving the on-duty officers different answers. While the pillion rider said that they were retuning from a birthday party, Mohit, who was riding the bike, stated that they had gone for shopping.

"We searched them and found a gold chain in the pillion rider's pocket. We then detained the duo that was later identified as Mohit Salem Qureshi (21) and Manish Ishwar Singh alias Bablu (24)," said Bhagwan Kadam, API, Mahim police station.

'He's a graduate'
During interrogation, the cops learnt that Mohit is a graduate and a former employee of a Malad-based call centre.

"Mohit is Faizan Salem Qureshi's brother, a chain snatcher who was arrested by Matunga police last year. It was after his brother's arrest that Mohit left his job and took to chain snatching for a living," said Hemkant Bagul, who along with Atmaram Rane and Ganpat Pawle had intercepted the duo's bike at Mahim.

Lure of easy money

"Mohit's younger brother is studying, and after Faizan was arrested, the family responsibility came on Mohit's shoulder. Since he wanted to make easy money like his brother did, he became a chain snatcher.

Faizan has over 40 cases of chain snatchings registered against him at police stations across the western and central suburbs," said Kadam.

The Mahim police recovered a 17 gram gold chain from the duo, which they had snatched in Matunga. The MahimĀ  police have informed the Matunga police of the arrests. The police also suspect the motorcycle the duo was riding to be a stolen vehicle.

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