Champions League: Jose Mourinho salutes Chelsea fans

Nov 06, 2015, 08:02 IST | AFP

London: Jose Mourinho paid an emotional tribute to Chelsea's loyal fans as the beleaguered Blues boss savoured the dramatic 2-1 win over Dynamo Kiev that earned him a stay of execution.

Jose Mourinho. Pic/AFP
Jose Mourinho. Pic/AFP

At Stamford Bridge Chelsea supporters spent the entire match chanting 'Stand up for the Special One.'

"This comes at a moment when results are not good and you (the media) are asking for my head.

The fans read newspapers, they watch TV, they listen to pundits, commentators, they read blogs and it's unbelievable what they tried to say today. They tried to say, 'we want you here'. It's a fantastic feeling," said Mourinho.

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