Chandigarh: An employee of the Chandigarh Lawn Tennis Association discovered a new-born baby girl in the bushes just 50 yards away from the courts and brought the incident to the attention of the local police authorities yesterday.

“The baby was left shivering and crying in the cold,” CLTA patron-in-chief Rajan Kashyap said. The infant was found only a few hours before the Champions League Tennis encounter between Punjab Marshalls and Mumbai Tennis Masters got underway.

Kashyap said he had informed KK Sharma, chief advisor to the Chandigarh administration about the incident and was assured that the baby would be taken care of.

“We have handed it over to the police and they will take her to social care. As an association we cannot adopt her directly because of certain rules, but we are hoping that someone will adopt her. We have also said that the baby will be inducted into the mini-champion tennis programme at the CLTA, which means she will be given free tennis training from the age of four.”

A statement from the CLTA said that since the baby had been found in its premises, it has been suggested that the girl be named ‘Tennis.’

Apart from the mini-champion module the CLTA also runs a programme for tribal and under-privileged kids, whereby they look after their training and schooling and provide for accommodation in the association complex itself.

Groundsman Bajinder Kumar had found the infant and the authorities said they would reward him for the good deed.

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