Noteban effect: Chaos, the only currency dispensed on payday in Mumbai

People wait to withdraw from a Navi Mumbai ATM on payday. Pic/PTI
People wait to withdraw from a Navi Mumbai ATM on payday. Pic/PTI

Chaos and despair reigned on the first payday since the demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes. Thousands returned home empty-handed as banks were unable to allow withdrawals of high amounts due to the ongoing cash crunch. Here are experiences of some Mumbaikars who battled the payday mayhem yesterday.

Kenny Dias, media professional
‘Since ATMs are mostly out of cash I had to stand in the queue. At HDFC Bank’s Borivli branch, I was told that I would get a token number scheduled for December 6 to withdraw the permitted amount, but today I will get only Rs 5,000 because there is no cash. So I tried another account in Axis Bank but there too, I was allowed to withdraw only Rs 5,000.’

Anil Yadav, Andheri resident
(Stood in queue at two separate banks, but could not withdraw a single penny as the cash got over in both of them before his turn) ‘I am left with only Rs 40 in my pocket after spending one hour standing in queue in each bank. I visited HDFC and ICICI in both the bank there was no money and ATMs are not working here since the past week.’

Vasant Patil, Kandivli resident
‘The HDFC ATM on Akurli Road is not working since 10 days. I don’t have black money why should I suffer like this? I need money in the first four-five days of the month, why should I run around to take my own hard earned money? The situation is such that if you oppose, you will be put behind bars. How long are we going to sit in silence?’

Dharshan Soni, director, Rajmahal banquets
‘I went today to the bank to withdraw Rs 4,000. There were huge lines and we had to wait for more than an hour to withdraw money. Most ATMs have run out of Rs 100 notes and are dispersing only Rs 2,000 notes that no one is accepting. Due to my business, I have to make most payments in cash, so I had to go to the bank.’

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