Artist Ajay De's latest series of charcoal paintings, titled Horse Power, are inspired by polo matches

If you try to picturise Ajay De's paintings, you will instantly conjure an image of striking and evocative charcoal work that fire up your imagination.

Born in Calcutta, De studied art in the city's Government College of Arts and Crafts. Thereafter, he moved to Mumbai to complete his post-graduation from the Sir J J School of Art.

Horse Power, a charcoal painting by artist Ajay De

He lives and works in Mumbai, and has exhibited extensively in Mumbai, Bangalore and Calcutta.

Talking about the exhibition, De says, "The source of my inspiration for the Horse Power series was polo matches.

The amalgamation of a man and a horse together and the sheer power of their movements creates a beautiful image. This kind of force is hard to find and that was the idea behind each of my works in this series."
Speaking about the use of charcoal, he observes that it adds a certain beauty to his art. "Charcoal is a unique medium and only a handful of Indian artists use this medium due to certain misconceptions that surround it.

The idea that it is not glamorous or long-lasting is absolutely false. It is a challenge to use charcoal since you can't erase anything; every line you draw is final," he adds.
De is known for his popular series such as Rickshaws, Mother Teresa, Gandhi, the Face Series, Buddha, City and Blue Man.

His latest series will be on display from October 21 to 22 at the Race Course.

On October 14, 7 pm
At Tilting Art Gallery, Ishanya Mall, Yerawada.