Charli XCX defends Kanye West following his Twitter outbursts

Charli XCX has defended Kanye West's recent Twitter outbursts, saying: "I think artists have the right to speak their own minds, always. You know. I don't think anyone should be censored."

Kanye West
Kanye West

However, despite being a guest at Ye's fur-heavy New York fashion show last week, the 23-year-old doesn't agree with celebrities wearing it.

Charli, who's working with Pepsi MAX Cherry, tells 3am: "I don't wear fur. I've become more educated about fur. When I was younger I probably would have worn it in shoots without realising the ethics behind it. But now, I actively don't. Charli XCX unveils graffiti artist INSAÍs latest artwork for Pepsi MAX Cherry, at Hackney Studios in London. "There are some things. I've heard that have been really upsetting. So I'm still learning but I actively try not to wear it."

She may not have been nominated for a Brit but she reckons she's not the right "material" anyway. She says: "I don't know who's nominated. I don't think I'm Brits material right now. I guess the song I had that was big was too long ago."



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