Auto driver caught for refusing to ply, assaults traffic cop during MiD DAY's Meter Down campaign; booked for intentionally hurting a public servant

The aam aadmi has been bearing the brunt of errant auto drivers for ages. There have been several cases of drivers refusing to ply and even assaulting commuters in the bargain. However, the drivers have seldom tried such stunts when traffic constables have caught them.

Served him right: Auto driver Shabbir Ali was booked for assaulting
constable Gite. PIC/Mahesh Chafe

But yesterday, traffic constable Sandeep Gite joined the list of assault victims, when an errant auto driver, Shabbir Mohammad Ali, attacked Gite after the former nabbed him for refusing to ply.

The assault
On Thursday, Gite was on duty at Underai Junction of S V Road in Malad when he spotted Ali refusing to ply a lady passenger, Meena Karande, to Interface. Gite pulled up Ali, but to avoid his licence from being confiscated, Ali fled the spot.

Determined not to allow the offender to go off easily, Gite chased Ali on his motorbike and nabbed him.
To make sure that Ali doesn't flee again, the constable sat inside the vehicle. Enraged over his detention, Ali started punching Gite and landed five of them on the constable's face.

Commenting on the issue, Senior Inspector Vinayak Mulay of Malad traffic police station said, "When Gite asked the driver to produce his licence, he fled the spot. After chasing him for a while, Gite intercepted him at a bylane. This infuriated the driver and he started punching Gite. The injured constable managed to overpower him and dragged him to the police station."

Lie busted
When MiD DAY asked Ali about his reason for beating the cop, he said, "The vehicle was running out of gas and I was on my way to the gas station to refuel it. But the constable caught me midway."

However, when Gite checked the gas tank, it emerged that the vehicle had enough gas in it. This busted Ali's lie and he was taken into police custody for assaulting an on-duty officer.

Ali has been booked under Section 323 (voluntarily causing hurt to deter public servant from his duty) of the IPC.