Cheater's help guide to avoid getting caught

Washington: Cheaters who want to remain intact in their relationship, should follow certain pointers to avoid getting caught.

According to, nowadays cheaters put a lot more effort into keeping their affairs under wraps.

Relationships: Cheater’s help guide to avoid getting caught
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The website, used by people in relationships seeking affair partners, recently polled its members and asked them to reveal the details on how they have managed to keep their affairs a secret, the Huffington Post reported.

A few top rules that cheaters should follow include staying tight-lipped, as 11 percent respondents claimed to keep their personal details under wraps from their affair partner.

9 percent of respondents also said that they have travelled miles from their home to meet their lover, in order to not be discovered by anyone they know.

It is also very essential to hide the evidence with 7 percent of respondents voting for hiding evidence of their indiscretions and 6 percent claiming that they scooped up a second phone to chat with their affair partners without being caught.

5 percent of respondents said that they didn't make any change in their appearance while cheating, while only 5 percent believed using protection is important to avoid bringing home an STD or getting pregnant.

Among the respondents, 2 percent also said that they paid for hotels and dinners with cash, to avoid getting caught by a credit card statement.

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