Check out 10 funny tweets from Priyanka Chopra's #CaptionPC

Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra, who is currently busy shooting for her international TV debut 'Quantico', shared a picture on social media and asked her fans and followers to caption it, making #CaptionPC trend on Twitter.


On Wednesday, Priyanka Chopra tweeted, "Haha.. Let’s do this.. #CaptionPc @teamPriyanka"

Here are 10 of the funniest captions in response to Priyanka's tweet. Read on and laugh out loud...

Adi. @Adibaa_xx: @priyankachopra 1: when you wanna talk to bae 2) u text him but he replies 2 hours later

@ranveersbabe: 1) when mum makes biryani 2) when you bite into elaichi #strugglez @priyankachopra #CaptionPc

Parth Joshi @nerdvana_42: @priyankachopra In a club. 1.During random song 2.When your fav song comes on. #captionPC

Varsha Dhama @varsha_dhama: @priyankachopra Cap 1- agar tum mil jao... Cap 2- tumhara muh tod denge hum...

Stuti/directioner @S15nov: @priyankachopra 1.when u prepare for a subject in ur exam very nicely. 2. when u see that subject exam is not on that day.

sweta singh @puttul_sweta: @PriyankaDaily @priyankachopra @TeamPriyanka(1.Hum tumhare hai sanam(2.Suddenly,Hum aapke hai kon

Saif Ali @everyone_lov3: @priyankachopra 1) shaadi se pehle 2) shaadi k baad

Sush @Sush_Atl: @priyankachopra @TeamPriyanka @_divyajyoti 1-when u're tweeting 2- when u realize it's more than 140 characters #CaptionPc

Oishi @Oishi_K: @priyankachopra @TeamPriyanka 1. When you are called for the shoot 2. But then realized nothing is ready #CaptionPc

Achal Sharma @achalsharma17: @priyankachopra 1 you are working out for #MaryKom 2 And some one says your body and abs are fake #CaptionPC

Priyanka was on a re-tweeting spree and re-tweeted some of her favourite reactions. She also tweeted, "That was so much fun! Thank u guys for #CaptionPC can’t wait to read.. Gn for now... #EarlyCallTomorrow #MakeYourOwn"

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    These r stupid haters morons writing useless things..shame on them n Proud of PC

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