Chelsea's EPL position is ridiculous, says Frank Lampard

Feb 29, 2016, 08:31 IST | IANS

London: Former Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard is concerned the Blues are lacking "real personalities" and believes their current Premier League position is ridiculous.

Frank Lampard
Frank Lampard

Chelsea's  2-1 win at Southampton on Saturday lifted them to 11th in EPL.

"To be a big team, you have to have big personalities," Lampard said.

"I don't want to sound like I am harking back to the days of me and John (Terry) and Ashley Cole and Petr Cech and Didier Drogba but I do see a team now where John is the last mainstay of that identity. It's nice to play beautiful football at times but it's not that nice and it's not really winning games. It's not beautiful, beautiful stuff.

"They need to buy two or three big players. Because being 11th in the Premier League is ridiculous for Chelsea," Lampard said.

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