Are you a music passionate? Attend Adagio's Thursday Vinyl Sessions to brush your passion

Mar 19, 2017, 14:19 IST | Benita Fernando

A previous session of Thursday Vinyl Sessions, where audiences listened to Fleetwood Mac's album rumours
A previous session of Thursday Vinyl Sessions, where audiences listened to Fleetwood Mac's album rumours

For vinyl evangelist Aman Singh Gujral, the best thing about listening to a record is "the warm crackling sound of a record under a needle". Through his Chembur music lifestyle space, Adagio, which he co-founded with Ishan Joshi in 2016, he wishes to spread this love through curated evening sessions once a week. "At Thursday Vinyl Sessions, it is all about sound," says Gujral. "We switch off the lights, save for a bulb to light up the track list, in the studio; cellphones are switched off as well. It is an hour of active listening to a record played on the record player called Pro-Ject Debut Carbon."

Gujral and Joshi, both 23, set up Adagio with the primary interest in guitar lessons. Over the course of the last one year, the space has grown to include yoga classes as well as these vinyl sessions. Thursday Vinyl Sessions are part of a theme, which changes every month, around blues, jazz, rock 'n' roll and classic rock. On March 23, the session is dedicated to British band Jethro Tull, which heroed the use of the flute in its compositions.

Co-founders Aman Singh Gujral and Ishan Joshi
Co-founders Aman Singh Gujral and Ishan Joshi

The session will feature their 1972 album, Thick as a Brick, as part of the monthly theme on "Old Habits Die Hard", Adagio's way of looking at bands that have continued to play right into the 2000s. This month, continuing on the theme, there is an Eric Clapton session planned on March 30, coincidentally the legendary singer's birthday. Previous themes have included Glam Rock, and even a Zeppelethon session, a Led Zeppelin marathon.

While this weekly vinyl gaga is usually not followed by any discussion round, Gujral says that it is but inevitable that people get talking about it. "We also encourage listeners to look at the album art for these records, such as the remarkable newspaper layout that Thick as a Brick has," says Gujral, who routinely digs into his vinyl collection, that he has been building for the last seven years, to curate for these sessions. Adagio also encourages its members (you become one if you sign up for its guitar classes) to listen to its library of records. You just need to plug in those earphones to the record player, and be transported to a world before YouTube became the norm.

Where: Adagio, Maitri Kunj Co-op Society, Postal Colony, Chembur
When: March 23, 8 PM - 9.30 PM
Call: 8879898054

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