The residents of Chembur and nearby areas held a protest march at 8 am from Panjrapole to Chembur Naka to demand the closure of the Deonar dumping ground.

Chembur residents hold a protest march for closure of Deonar dumping groundThe protest march held by Chembur residents

The protesters have also complained to the Human Rights commission and the MPCB in the matter and now plan to meet the CM.

After a public meeting on Monday, a group of 200-300 people held a rally in Chembur demanding the closure of the dumping ground. The protest comes on the backdrop of a fire at the dumping ground last week that engulfed the city in smoke. The citizens have been demanding its closure for the past several years since they suffer the most.

The protesters were wearing black T shirts and surgical masks to cover their mouths as a symbol of protest. Protesters belonged to the Deonar, Chembur, Ghatkopar, Govandi areas.

"Don't the CM and municipal commissioner breathe the same air as we do? Then how can they be so callous about it? We have been breathing the polluted air for too long now. We demand the immediate closure of the dumping ground," said Vandana Trivedi, one of the organisers.

Trivedi informed that they now plan to hold another rally from BMC headquarters to Mantralaya. Besides, they want to meet the CM in the matter.