Aamir Khan managed to do what years of documentary-filmmaking could not — draw attention to the plight of India’s disabled, all with an hour-long television show. As Shaili Chopra put it, ‘Aren’t we ashamed the disabled is a topic on national TV? In many countries, it’s a citizens right, a done thing, pretty normal.’ Someone using the handle OrangeJammies tweeted: ‘While discussing the disabled, let’s try people-first terminology. It’s a person with a disability, not a disabled person.’ There was this from Vandana Prasad said, ‘Schools should have basic infrastructure developed for physically disabled children.’ And a pertinent comment from Chaitanya Patel: ‘Indians can tweet, but can they donate a single rupee?’

CM versus CM
Narendra Modi described ‘festering caste politics’ in Bihar as the main reason for what he called the state’s backwardness at a public rally. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar reacted by asking Modi not to preach. Everyone else jumped in with an opinion. Like Diptosh Majumdar, who tweeted: ‘Given the recent developments, isn’t it true that a powerful section of the BJP is feeling more comfortable with Nitish Kumar than with Modi?’ Or Saikumar: ‘Casteist and corrupt leaders are responsible for the backwardness of Bihar. Only hypocrites like Nitish Kumar and scoundrels like Lalu deny it.’

Golden girl
Saina Nehwal was a trending topic for all the right reasons after she won the Thailand Open Grand Prix Gold badminton tournament. G Rajaraman spoke for many: ‘Nehwal’s win comes as refreshing news with days to go for the start of the Olympics. I’m sure Indians will do well.’ There was also this though, from Doctor At Large: ‘It was bad enough when cricket eclipsed Saina Nehwal’s achievements, now football is doing that to her.’

The last word
From the Twitter handle of Time magazine: ‘George W. Bush is the least popular living president — apparently absence does not make the heart grow fonder.’

— Lindsay Pereira is Editor, MiD DAY Online