A Pakistani fan of Poonam Pandey wants you to say no to drugs and yes to the smoking hot model. Yolande D'Mello finds out more

On November 19, a video called Chillum Pandey uploaded by poonampandey69 went up on YouTube. Barely three weeks later, the video has 26,000 hits, and counting. We speak to model Poonam Pandey about the message of the video -- say yes to Poonam, say no to drugs.

Are you aware of your popularity in Pakistan?
Yes, I have fans all over the world. I wasn't sure how the video made sense to them, but it's sweet and just plain fun.

What do you think of the title?
I have had my pictures morphed with Singham and Ra-One, so this is new but it's fun. I liked the name Chillam, I now  know what it means and I want to buy a puppy and name it Chillam.

Are you addicted to Twitter?
The Internet is a wonderful thing. You can reach across to so many people in an instant. I like keeping in touch with my fans and I'm totally addicted to tweeting.