China to sell new short-range missile to foreign countries

Beijing: China plans to sell to foreign countries its new short-range air-to-surface missile, which can be mounted on drones and is designed for anti-terrorism operations.

The China Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics, the country's largest military drone exporter by number of products sold overseas, said it recently conducted live-fire tests on the AR-2 short-range air-to-surface missile in northwestern China.

The AR-2 is seen as tough competition for US, French and Israeli missiles. It is effective against personnel, armoured cars, houses or bunkers.

Efforts on to allow soldier to visit China

China yesterday said it was making "joint efforts" with India to bring home one of its soldiers, Wang Qi, who crossed into the country in 1963 after the Indo-China War and settled here after being released by Indian authorities. Wang (77) has live in Tirodi, a village in Madhya Pradesh, since his release from prison in 1969. He has sought permission from Delhi and Beijing to allow him to travel to China to meet his three brothers and two sisters.



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