Chinchechi Talim given 15 days to raze illegal construction

After MiD DAY highlights encroachment by famous gymnasium, PMC serves ultimatum, says it will send demolition crew if trust that runs facility fails to act.

After MiD DAY highlighted the issue of encroachment in Shukrawar Peth by the well-known gymnasium Chinchechi Talim, which refused to stop unauthorised construction work undertaken by it despite two PMC notices sent to the trust that runs the facility, the Building Permission Department of the civic body yesterday issued an ultimatum to the talim.

Pull it down: The unauthorised construction underway at the Chinchechi
Talim in Shukrawar Peth, which has become a nuisance for residents

The fresh notice orders the trust to immediately stop the construction work and gives it 15 days to clear the encroachment that has already happened, failing which the civic body will send a demolition crew to do the job.
Mid DAY yesterday reported on a resident of Shukrawar Peth having got a reply from the PMC to an RTI query, saying the construction undertaken by Chinchechi Talim was illegal and a case of encroachment on the road outside it.

"Earlier we had issued the Chinchechi Talim a notice to explain why it had encroached on the surrounding area by undertaking construction without the permission of the Building Permission department. The trust couldn't give us a satisfactory reply," said Ramesh Waghmare, assistant engineer of the Building Permission Department, PMC.

Waghmare added that when MiD DAY contacted the department, its officials decided to take strict action.
"The officials have sent an ultimatum to the trust that it should clear the encroachment in 15 days or else the PMC will demolish the construction," said Waghmare. "If the trust does not clear the encroachment in the given duration of 15 days, then under Article 260 (2) of the Bombay Provincial Municipal Corporations Act, the PMC will take action and demolish the structure."

Chinchechi Talim trustee Jaywant Shinde said he had received the notice from the PMC and given it to his lawyer for analysis.

"I didn't read the notice. I will talk to my lawyer about it and then will comment on the issue," said Shinde.
The BJP corporator from Shukrawar Peth, Ashok Yenpure, said the construction undertaken by the talim was in public interest.

"I am aware of the notice which the PMC has issued to the trust. If the PMC wants to demolish the structure, then it should assure us sure that it will also take action against various other illegal encroachments in the city."



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