Chinese grocer puts panties on peaches to boost sales!

Aug 02, 2014, 07:18 IST | Agencies

Nanjing: A Chinese businessman has come up with a rather cheeky way of pushing peaches — by dressing them in lacy ‘knickers’.

Bum deal: A punnet of nine peaches dressed in lingerie costs a shocking £50. Pic/Agencies
Bum deal: A punnet of nine peaches dressed in lingerie costs a shocking £50. Pic/Agencies

Yao Yuan from Nanjing, east China, saw an opportunity to boost his sales ahead of China’s version of Valentine’s Day, when he spotted the similarities between his fruits and a female bottom.

Yao dresses the fruits in miniature versions of women’s lingerie and sells them for a jaw-dropping £50 a punnet for nine naughty peaches.

The fruits-in-knickers idea has seen sales for Yao’s online fruit business soar, despite the mind-boggling price.

“Well, peaches and women’s bottoms look so similar I thought why not? It’s not something I’ve ever seen anyone else doing. I can’t grow enough of them to keep up with the demand,” Yao explains.

Yao has enlisted a lingerie firm to create the miniature knickers and his fruit pickers in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, dresses each peach by hand.

“The people who supply our pants make lingerie for some of the most exclusive designer labels in the world. There’s nothing tacky about them at all,” the businessman adds.

Some of them are black and lacy, some are thongs. We cover all tastes and we can do special commissions too.

“We had one special client who wanted all nine peaches wearing leather knickers with studs and chains. There’s nothing we’d be too embarrassed to handle,” he added.

This weekend — when China celebrates Qixi festival, which is the country’s version of Valentine’s Day — the trader’s sales are expected to go through the roof.
“They’re sweet, tasty, sexy and funny. It’s the perfect present,” said Yao.

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