A Chinese man has been arrested for allegedly keeping six women locked up inside a grim, temporary dungeon for two years while he used them as sex slaves

According to the Shanghai Daily, Li Hao is also accused of killing two of his captives and subjecting the others of horrifying sexual and emotional abuse, Fox News reported.

Li's crimes emerged when cops raided a residential building in central China's Henan Province and located four victims cringing inside a fortified underground cellar.

Detectives believe that the 34-year-old accused spent more than a year digging out beneath a storeroom he had rented out and started hunting karaoke bars in Luoyang City to seduce young girls and lure them into captivity.

Li, who was quickly able to make the victims "fall in love with him", had kept them imprisoned for two years, feeding them once every two days and living with them for 15 days a month while his wife presumed he was working as a security guard.

According to the paper, one of the victims was beaten to death in front of he inmates to teach them "to be obedient" and her body was buried close to where they slept, while another was murdered over a fight about whose turn it was to sleep with Li.

The remains of two more dead victims were found buried beneath the dank, squalid pen, which was divided into two dingy, foul-smelling rooms, accessible only by a narrow tunnel and sealed with heavy iron doors.

Li was arrested a month after he released one of the remaining "slaves", whom he kept occupied with video games, to work as a prostitute, but she tipped off cops.

The case recalls the gruesome crimes of Josef Fritzl, an Austrian, who kept his own daughter imprisoned for almost 24 years, during which he physically assaulted, sexually abused and raped her numerous times and even made her bear him seven children