20,000 Chinese seek partners at world's biggest dating fair

Nov 15, 2011, 08:43 IST | Agencies
20,000 Chinese poured in at the world's largest dating expo, held on the outskirts of Shanghai, seeking to find perfect match for themselves.

Marriage and Love Expo, organised by 40 of the city's dating agencies, saw a hopeful, curious and in some cases desperate stream of pragmatic men and women smartly exchanging their vital statistics and contact details. Lonely hearts advertisements pinned on the wall gave a feel of the proceedings. Reference: W004763, Name: Yao Qin, Height: 1.63 m, Date of Birth: 07.1987," read one.

Lonely hearts club: Over 40 dating agencies came together to form
Marriage and Love Expo to allow busy singles to meet each other. pic/afp

According to the organisers, like New York or London, even Shanghai has become a city of career-obsessed workaholics, which leaves many people with little time to find their perfect match.

And thus the love expo was organised, where just over 10,000 tickets for the event were officially sold, but Shu Xin, one of the organisers, asserted that 20,000 people had visited on Sunday and 18,500 on Saturday.

"The queues have been so long that some people threatened to lodge a complaint to the mayor of Shanghai," Xin said.

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