Chinese teacher forces students to slap each other

Students as young as nine year old were made to slap each other for indiscipline by their teacher in a school in Suzhao which is part of Jiangsu province in East China. Red marks were discovered on the face of Xiao Xue(an alias name) by her uncle and guardian, Mr. Hu when she returned home from school on December 16, reports China Daily. 

After Hu inquired about those red marks, Xiao Xue told him that her desk mate slapped her after receiving orders from the teacher, Ms Gu on disciplinary charge. The girl then later on revealed that she couldn't even recount that how many times she was slapped till the point when her face started feeling the heat. When confronted, Ms Gu accepted her misdeed but claimed that whatever she did was for the welfare of the kid. 

The school authority quickly reacted in this matter and Shi Yongju, school's headmaster said, "We are ashamed of the incident and I myself can''t accept it either". After the interference of school authorities, Ms Gu apologized to Mr. Hu and the girl on Dec 17. 

Others students are also being examined after a suspicion that Xiao Xue isn't the only victim of Ms Gu's misdeeds and so far three more kids have been found out with red marks on their face. An official with the local education bureau, Qian Chunying said that this punishment was as harsh as a corporal punishment and ordered the school to step up ethics education for teachers and threatened to revoke the school''s license if such incident is repeated in future. 

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